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Our Businesses

Gas & gas Chemical:

Scattered natural gas well, underground gas storage, gas gathering station, LNG pipeline facilities, natural gas chemical industry, etc.

Refinery and petrochemical:

Hydrogenation unit in refinery, light oil, gasoline, diesel,kerosene, united gas & liquid storage transfer station in oil and gas field, crude oil unit, sulfur removal and sulfur producing unit, reforming unit, hydrocracking unit, oil and gas double removing unit, CCU, coking unit, ethylene cracking unit, etc.

Field gas and Light Hydro Carbon:

Scattered oil and gas well, gas gathering station, gas transmission station

Coal chemical:

Coal-to-gas, synthesis ammonia, coal-to-methanol, coke oven gas and other fields.

Waste water & gas disposal:

Sewage, garbage disposal, small biogas digester, plant tail gas treatment, etc.

Fermentation, breeding and etc.:

From fossil energy to synthesis gas in the field of sulfur removal