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PAS-10 is a new de-arsenic agent, with metallic oxide as active component and special auxiliaries, which is researched and produced by SJEP. The one-time loading costs can be reduced because of high strength and low bulk density. Moreover it has a high arsenic capacity, high dearsenic precision and a long life span. PAS-10 de-arsenic agent can be used at a high space velocity and high content of arsenic hydride. It is mainly applied for removing arsenic hydride from propylene etc to protect the downstream polymerization catalysts and other deep processing catalysts.

Physical Properties


black bar

Particle size /mm


Activity component


Bulk density / kg·L-1


Average radial compressive strength of particle /N·cm-1     


Reference Application Technological Condition

Technological condition

pressure /MPa

temperature /℃

space velocity /h-1

normal pressure~8.0

Normal temperature



arsenic content5000 ng·g-1; sulfur content<1.0 μg·g-1; water content<5 μg·g-1

Product after refining

arsenic content20 ng·g-1; dearsenication rate99%

Arsenic capacity

12 wt %

Package and Storage

1. It is packed with fibercan with inner plastic bag / the ton bag, net weight: (40±0.4) kg per fibercan/ (1000±5) kg each bag.
2. In transit, load and handle with care, shall not damage the packing, rain proof.
3. Stored in a cool, low temperature and dry place. There is a three-year product guarantee period at room temperature.