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The SC309 catalyst is a new-generation high activity methanol synthesis catalyst in low pressure, which was researched and produced by SJEP. Characters: the catalyst uses alumina as the carrier, carrying copper as the active constituent, and special auxiliaries. After the preparation technology is improved, the performance is improved and the heat stability is strengthened, especially the activity is enhanced obviously in low temperature, and the space yield and conversion of carbon monoxide is increased. It has long life span and high selectivity, and high content of methanol in the crude methanol and low content of organic by-products. It has a wide usage condition and is easily reduced and operated; it has a high strength, which can reduce catalyst pulverization. Low pressure drop is benefit for increasing the capacity of the methanol plants. Applications: The catalyst is widely applied in various methanol plants, including medium/low-pressure process such as Lurgi and ICI technology.

Physical Properties


black columnar

Particle size /mm


Bulk density / kg·L-1


Average radial compressive strength of particle /N·cm-1     



Reference Application Technological Conditions and Performance Indexes

Technological conditions

pressure /MPa

temperature /℃

space velocity /h-1





total sulfur0.1×10-6; total chlorine0.1×10-6; oxygen: 0.3

Space-time yield of crude methanol

1.0 ml/ml · h

Package and Storage

1.    It is packed with iron drum with an inner plastic bag/ the ton bag, net weight: (50±0.5) kg per drum/ (1000±5) kg each bag.
2.    In transit, load and handle with care, shall not damage the packing, rain proof.
3.    Stored in a cool, low temperature and dry place. There is a three-year product guarantee period at room temperature.