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SJQ-01 is a new sulfur removal agent invented and produced independently by Sanju with the international leading level desulfurization materials as its main composition. Its sulfur capacity at breakthrough is as high as above 40%. The major active component of SJQ-01 is magnetic iron oxide, and it is a solid iron-based desulfurizing adsorbent which could remove H2S in fossil energy processing and applications efficiently.



  • High desulfurizing efficiency and low cost
  • Widely applicable, suitable for acid and alkali gas, liquid and mixture of gas and liquid
  • Environmentally friendly, easy to handle
  • Safe and reliable, the resultants have stable physical properties


It could be used for desulfurizing at ambient temperature, especially for high level H2S removal in such fields as associated gas, natrual gas, coke-oven gas, ammonia purification and petrochemical. It is also suitable for high-level H2S removal in CO2 system.

Physical Properties

Model SJQ-01
appearance reddish-brown sphere
particle size mm Φ (4~5)
Specific surface area m2·g-1 ≥ 70
Bulk density kg·L-1 0.9~1.0
Average anti-crushing strength N·cm-1 ≥ 30