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Research Center

The R & D center possesses an energy purification expert centered team. It set up products R & D, technical support, and MOT centered R & D system. A number of independent intellectual property rights were formed. The high sulfur capacity desulfurization material with amorphous carbonyl iron oxide as its active component was independently developed by the R & D center. This realized the sulfur removal agent recycling for the first time in the world. Moreover, the newly developed new type sulfur removal magnetic iron oxide material is also a well–performed sulfur removal material with sulfur capacity at breakthrough of above 40% at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure, which is the highest sulfur removal level in the industry. The R & D center set up joint laboratories with China University of Petroleum, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Sinopec Fushun Research Institute of Petroleum and Petrochemicals, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other scientific research institutions and universities, and carried out extensive technical exchange and cooperation.

  • Shanghai Laboratory Elemental Analyzer
  • Shanghai Laboratory Autoclave
  • Shanghai Laboratory Flash Distillation Apparatus
  • Shanghai Laboratory Polarization Microscope
  • Shanghai Laboratory Coal Chemical Analysis Room
  • Shanghai Laboratory High Temperature Graphitizing Furnace
  • Beijing R & D Center Gas Test Unit
  • Beijing R & D Center Pilot-plant Base
  • Beijing R & D Center Gas Detecting Instrument